comment "As a man dealing with a near-archetypal mid-life crisis at 50, I was waiting to die or waiting to live and a choice had to be made. Counselling seemed like a last resort to me and not one for which I held out any great hope. From the first session I knew how short-sighted that was and my sessions with Estelle played an enormous part in making the last year the very best of my life so far (and it's been just fantastic!) - looking back I cannot begin to understand how such a transformation was possible and I pinch myself still in wonder. Estelle is a warm, sensitive and very ‘human’ being, and I know I can trust her beyond question.
From being someone who found it very hard to share their innermost feelings (and indeed, to recognise them in the first place), she made it very easy to open up and speak from the heart and this has now become second nature, to the benefit of my loving partner, those around me, and most of all of course, to me!"
M, Hinchley Wood
comment “I feel like a new man. At 70 years of age! Working with Estelle has felt like an epiphany, at times it felt like being on the road to Damascus. I have spent my life pleasing other people and felt so angry and unsupported at my own times of need. Now I think about what is best for me which has been revolutionary. Estelle changed the way I thought and felt, and I am a changed man.  For the first time in my life I feel genuinely good about myself.”
A, London. 

comment "My counselling experience with you has been invaluable, so much so that I am now looking to train as a counsellor myself.  I did not believe anything could make a difference to my binge eating and self esteem and I didn't think I could turn around my life, I had tried so many times before and failed and just felt I could not do it. But I have got 'me' back again, and a new lease of life. Thank you, Estelle, for everything, your kindness, compassion and insight, for everything you have supported me through."
D, Hersham
comment “I had suffered from extreme anxiety attacks, breaking out in sweats that I could not control for years. They held me back professionally and I was completely paralysed by them. I tried everything, two attempts at hypnosis, acupuncture, tapping. Nothing worked for long.
When my GP referred me to Estelle I have to confess I was sceptical about what counselling could do for me. As a male and an accountant I am very logical, so the thought of talking through feelings and emotions made me feel extremely anxious.
After 12 weeks of CBT/Mindfulness/and exploring my past I began to notice what was happening and feel less overwhelmed and out of control. The light-bulb moment, when I connected where my anxiety originated from was astonishing and not something I would have ever have made for myself. The relief of ‘knowing’ was enormous.
So to my great surprise, and to that of those who know me, I am now a counselling convert. I would recommend Estelle to anyone suffering from anxiety, she was very good value and as an accountant that is important to me!”
D, London
comment "My partner had asked me to go for counselling for years and I wouldn't. But when our relationship ended after 12 years I felt in limbo and full of turmoil, as if I was coming out of wreckage.  As a 38 year old male who found it hard to articulate feelings I was sceptical about what counselling could do.
Estelle put me at ease quickly and was warm, compassionate, but challenging. She enabled me to understand how I came to be as I am and supported me through the immediate trauma of my relationship ending. Seven months later I feel calmer, more in control and I am doing things differently. My relationships with friends and family have improved beyond belief."
AB, Walton
comment “My counselling with Estelle has given me a voice and for that I am so grateful. I do not know how to thank her for all she has done for me over the past year or so. Her support, kindness, patience and faith in me helped me to keep going when I found so much coming out of me that was overwhelming. It has helped me to better understand myself and find acceptance of who I really am. I now feel entitled and empowered rather than last on the list, which is something I had never believed possible.”

B W, Esher


comment “I really do not quite know how to say thank you. At times I have felt lost, sad, empty and worthless and you gave me a safe, warm place where I could trust, and not feel quite so isolated and alone. You helped me a great deal during the time we worked together, not least to feel that I truly have value. Thank you Estelle, I shall miss you.”
J. Hersham

comment “Estelle helped me along an interesting and sometimes difficult journey with patience, kindness and fantastic skill. She helped me to discover the ‘real’ me and for that I will always be grateful”
S. Hinchley Wood
comment “It has been an amazing experience for me. You called therapy a gift to my ‘self’ and it was. I have learned so much about myself and feel able to know how to manage my emotions. I could not have achieved what I have without you. You are a gifted therapist.”
M. Walton on Thames
comment “Thank you Estelle for all your help and support over the last 10 weeks. I feel so much calmer and able to support myself and to name how and why I feel as I do. I don’t think I could have done so without the support and insight you have offered me.”
T. Twickenham
comment “I was not coping and felt so out of control. You supported me to slow down, to stay with my feelings, and recognise my process. I stopped self-harming as a result and I don’t think I will do so again. I now understand more about my feelings and emotions and I show more compassion towards my ‘self’. The sense of clarity is something I thought would never be possible. Working with Mindfulness has been transformative.”
Y. London
comment “I am more settled and I am responding to life in a more measured way. I moved forward through therapy which is what I wanted. I have so enjoyed working with you. Your support has been just what I needed and your honest feedback so valuable.”
S.G. Weybridge
comment “It has been a challenging and sometimes difficult journey. At its end I have learned to accept the parts of myself that I did not like and that has been transformative. My partner can’t quite believe the change that counselling has made to me and to our relationship. I finally feel grown-up.”

J. Esher
comment “The ending of my relationship felt so painful that I contemplated suicide. I came into counselling with no real belief I could be helped by it. Now I look back on this time and I feel proud of myself, my self-esteem which was so destroyed is restored, and I have grown through the experience in a way I never thought possible. I know I could not have got through this dark year without Estelle’s kindness, patience, support and wisdom.
B, London
comment “I left work after being bullied by my boss and was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and flashbacks months later. My confidence was through the floor and I was not able to move on. Counselling with Estelle helped me more than I ever thought possible. She is very natural and I felt relaxed which was important because I felt so uptight.
She helped me to understand how to think and feel differently, to tolerate difficult feelings and emotions and thoughts, and to recognise the power of my thoughts. She taught me what to do when having a panic attack which was really important for me. I stopped having flashbacks, the intrusive thoughts have gone and I am living in the present rather than the past."I would recommend anyone suffering from anxiety or panic to work with Estelle."

A, Walton.



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